Computing For Seniors

Mukanetti association promotes equality among different generations by training seniors on the new information technology.  Mukanetti offers tutoring by your peers on how to use computers, tablets and smart phones, and you don’t have to be a member of the association to visit any of the training centers. Membership fee is 25€ per year.

How does MUKANETTI help you?

If you are a senior Mukanetti helps you when you want to learn to use the computer for:

  • e-mail
  • finding information on the internet
  • reading newspapers
  • watching television shows or live broadcasts
  • writing/word processing
  • paying bills and internet banking
  • image processing
  • maintain your computer

Membership benefits:

  • get discounted course fees
  • can attend member meetings where different problems and challenges concerning information technology are discussed together
  • get a tutor to make a housecall if your situation so demands (for a small fee)
  • get a member newsletter
  • attend different theme clubs  (like Android users, Facebook club, Linux, photo editing,etc)


  • In the training center ”MukaSurffi” tutors help and guide seniors free of charge Mo-Fri
  • In MukaSurffi you can get acquainted with computers before attending a course
  • Working together with others increases your computer skills easily and quickly

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